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The aftermarket industrial steam turbine engineering and manufacturing team at Triveni REFURB have more than 50+ years of expertise and is skilled at offering creative, quick-fix solutions for steam turbines across all brands.

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  • Operation for long periods of time, eventually make the turbine inefficient. There are also cases where the quest for growth parameters has changed making the turbine inefficient.
  • We deploy our latest generation blades for the rotor and matching diaphragms to ensure enhanced performance.
  • We also exercise the option of going impulse, reaction or hybrid. The intent is to protect the casings and only replace the internals thereby retaining the existing footprint and foundations.
  • Our experts study the customers’ new requirements and we undertake the Re-engineering/Reverse engineering of their existing Turbine incorporating the latest advanced equipment within the existing boundary conditions.
  • We upgrade control systems to suit the new requirements including the conversion of the Mechanical Governing system to an Electronic Governing system.
  • With our latest 3D White Light Scanners, our team of experts will reach the customers’ site and will reverse engineer all the critical components of the rotating equipment from Steam and Gas Turbine blades to Compressor Impellers &Bearings.
  • The drawings generated by scanning will then be re-engineered to the best value proposition for our customers.
  • Experience of over five decades in the manufacturing of turbines, Triveni REFURB has established a high-quality reliable supply chain that will deliver the component Triveni REFURB with the shortest lead time thereby benefiting our customers in reducing the shutdown time.
  • We support our customers by engaging in LTSA across all brands. The comprehensive contracts range from 3 to 5 years which include health checks at regular intervals interspersed with minor and major overhauls.
  • Health monitoring can be carried out either in person or by setting up the turbine for remote review with our “Triveni Touch”. Our engineers will be able to review the performance during operations and present possible solutions and timelines for the recommended actions. This will assist the customer in making informed decisions on the turbine performance and shutdown to be taken.
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, safety, dependability, and plant profitability with Triveni REFURB’s innovative phased-in upgradation solutions while significantly lowering downtime during the transition.
  • Evaluation of the current operations &conducting a thorough audit to identify lost efficiency and to provide a tailored upgrading solution to integrate new technologies into existing assets. This will enable customers to achieve the peak performance required to compete successfully in the world’s most cut-throat markets.
  • Our motto of responding within 24 hours of a customer’s call makes us one of the most reliable and dependable rotating equipment service partners.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities having a wide range of 4 & 5-axis CNC machines for manufacturing Rotors and Blades, we ensure any repair or troubleshooting which involves the manufacturing of the equipment takes priority.
  • TTL’s innovative manufacturing facility has 2 Vacuum Balancing Tunnels with a maximum rotor capacity of 55 Tons with a length of 11 meters, 4.1 meters diameter and a speed of 12,000RPM.

Triveni REFURB is globally renowned, prioritizing efficiency advances like High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and laser cladding, backed by a dynamic design team, offering a comprehensive portfolio of overhauls, health evaluations, reverse engineering, and retrofits.

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