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Triveni Turbines is associated with world-renowned design houses & academia – IISc (India), University of Cambridge (UK), Polimi (Italy), Sikorsky (Lockheed Martin, USA), Concepts NREC (USA) and ITSM Stuttgart (Germany). Our in-house team, supported by consultants and domain experts from across the world, is continually pursuing improved turbine performance & reduced life cycle costs, for enhanced value to customers.

Our in-house research and development team is approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, India (DSIR) & associates with several leading universities & domain experts in turbo-machinery.
The R&D unit is equipped with state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) platforms, and have developed a range of innovative products to match with the constantly changing market and customer needs. Our advanced R&D product program has over 60 field-proven models. R&D unit of Triveni is

  • Continuous enhancement program for turbine efficiency
  • High pressure designs up to 140 Bar(a), up to 540° C
  • Efficient HP impulse and reaction blade path design
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Tools & Software

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Testing &

To ensure the functionality, safety and reliability of the steam turbo-generator, our R&D team uses high-tech testing facilities for validation of design.

Our R&D team works with a prime focus on customers. The product development phase begins with understanding what the customer needs to deliver a robust, efficient and safe steam turbine.

  • Wheel-box test facility for performance and stability validation of LP Blades
  • Load test facility for Performance validation of HP, IP and LP blade modules
  • Non-contact Blade-Tip Vibration Measurement (BVM) Test-Rig for Validation of Campbell Diagram of LP Blades
  • Strain-Gauge and Telemetry-based Blade-Tip Vibration Measurement Test-Rig for Validation of Campbell Diagram of LP Blades
  • High-Speed Balancing (HSB) Tunnel for Rotor Balancing and Lateral-Rotordynamic vibration response verification as per API 612/611
  • Vacuum Tunnel for Overspeed Test
  • Mechanical Run Test (MRT)
  • High-Pressure Casing Integrity Test facility
  • High-Pressure Casing Joint Seal Test facility
  • Natural Frequency Test (NFT) of LP Blades
  • Advanced Material Testing – CREEP, Fatigue, Elevated Temperature Stress, Metallographic test
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT)
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State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our manufacturing capabilities are powered by various high-end machinery and equipment, which include:

IP Portfolio

From delivering the first steam turbine in 1968 to the indigenization of many components of the steam turbines, today we have crossed many milestones in establishing itself as an innovation-driven organization.

In the last decade, our Company has laid strong foundations for fundamental research and development in the field of steam turbine designs leading to several innovations and improvements. Innovation has thus been at the core of its business, and we recognise the value of our Intellectual Property (IP) in today’s business environment.

Our Company has put in the necessary measures to transform ourselves into an IP-centric organization. Apart from technical talent improvement training and sensitization sessions, focused and awareness training are some of the enablers deployed to create IP culture and nurture innovation within the organization. Triveni Turbines undertakes extensive filing of patents, design registrations, copyrights & trademarks to protect the intellectual property generated within the organization in India & abroad.

More than 300 filings on innovations generated in-house
Over 50 patent filings
More than 200 industrial designs
Nearly 250 granted Intellectual Property Rights


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