A large percentage of world's power generation is achieved using steam turbines.

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At Triveni Turbines, technology is a key differentiator to deliver value to its customer. The spectrum of industry segments that Triveni serves helps the company to understand clients' working conditions, enabling complete product delivery.



Triveni Turbines Refurbishing is carving out a niche in the refurbishing and repair of rotating equipment across the world, focussing on efficiency improvements and special process including HVOF and laser cladding.


For more than five decades,Triveni has been manufacturing and supplying steam turbine solutions to its global customers. With a fleet of over 4000 units of steam turbines installed in more than 70 countries, Triveni has set a new benchmark in quality and innovation generating over 13000MW globally.

  • Market leader in sub 30 MW range
  • Market Share of over 60% in India
  • Across 18 industries
  • Over 70 countries
  • Over 4000 installations
  • GETL Above 30 MWe up to 100 MWe

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GE Triveni Limited (GETL) is a joint venture between GE Oil & Gas and Triveni Turbine Ltd, formed in the year 2010. GETL offers a portfolio of steam turbine products of 30.1 MW to 100MW in the Industrial Power Generation (IPG) market globally. These machines are designed to bring value to the customers in terms of efficiency that saves ever increasing fuel/energy costs.

GETL uses proven GE Oil & Gas technology and engineering design for all steam turbines in its range. GETL turbines are being manufactured in the state-of -the- art Triveni Turbine Ltd. manufacturing unit Bengaluru, India. These products are marketed under GE Triveni brand name.

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