Over the last five decades, Triveni Turbine Limited (TTL) has delivered steam turbine solutions making it one of the most reliable companies in the world across 6 continents. We design, develop and deliver advanced technology Steam Turbine Generators (STGs) up to 100 MWe range for power generation and combined heat & power generation applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

Products up to 100MWe

Industrial Steam Turbines for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Power Generation

For CHP and Power Generation, we manufacture Backpressure and Condensing type of steam turbine generators that work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications with a choice of Impulse and Reaction technology to meet the growing customer requirements...

API Turbines for Drives and Power Generation

We offer a wide range of API-compliant steam turbines from 5 kW and up to 100 MWe in Backpressure and Condensing types suitable for various drives and power generation applications in Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Petroleum Refineries and Fertilizer industries. Our API-compliant...

SMART Turbines for Pressure Reducer DeSuperheater (PRDS)

We offer SMART (Sustainable Modularly Arranged Pressure Reducing Turbines) units which are essentially Backpressure Steam Turbines Generators (STG) and serve the same purpose as pressure-reducing stations while generating additional electricity by converting steam energy into electrical energy.


Condensing Steam Turbine

Bottom Casing Assembly

Close up of Rotor

Testing of Steam Turbine

Condensing Steam Turbine

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