Upgrades / Automation offerings

Customers get a competitive edge by enhancing reliability and efficiency of the STG. The reliability of STG sets can be improved by incorporating continual design improvements through upgradation and modification of the existing turbine with modernized components.

Upgradation, Modification, and Conversion package

Secure a competitive advantage

An upgrade is a powerful way to reduce operating costs

Take advantage of advancements in Technology

The latest turbine designs and materials, tailored to the way customers operate, can directly impact the bottom line

Reduce fuel costs

A turbine upgrade translates into higher engine efficiency and fuel savings

Lower turbine maintenance cost

Reduce maintenance costs over the lifecycle, while ensuring highest reliability

We also offer various customised solutions to fit changes in process requirements to maximise profitability.
Our conversion packages include:

  • Efficiency improvement as well as restoration due to deterioration of the steam path
  • Modification as per the change in steam parameter to meet process requirements
  • Water Cooled Condenser to Air Cooled Condenser and Vice-versa.
  • Upgradation of Battery backup system

Excellent and Efficient

Automation Solutions

Embracing new technology helps us protect the value of aging assets and minimises capital expenditures. Automation and upgradation enhance the reliability and performance of the customers’ turbine and its system. Our automation and electrical modification packages include:

Turbine Automation

Remote Operation

Zero Start Solution

Governor Retrofitting

Vibration Monitoring System

Grid synchronization Solution

Load Management System

PLC/DCS panel implementation

Exhaust Hood Spray System

Auto Gland Sealing System

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