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Service Solutions

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Triveni Turbine Limited’s intelligent maintenance predicts the future and boosts the availability of STG Sets through predictive and preventive measures, reducing downtime and costs while increasing safety and availability. Timely implementation of overhauling helps avoid unplanned downtime and optimise potential, improving long-term competitiveness.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) / LTSA (Long-Term Service Agreement)

Triveni Turbine Limited has a very powerful AMC program in our portfolio. This gives great comfort and confidence to the customer for an extended period under the TTL umbrella. This customized package is formulated to proactively deploy our service team and support the customer during both normal and emergency service requirements.

Our AMC offers include services on per customized man-day basis which cover:

  • Major Overhauling
  • Minor Overhauling
  • Health Checkup Visits
  • Troubleshooting Visit

Our AMC provides the following benefits:-

  • 24×7 services for reporting any problem that may arise.
  • Improved product reliability and upkeep time.
  • Predictable machine operation and maintenance costs.
  • Support for the extended life of machinery.
  • An added advantage of inspection of TTL-supplied items and panels with its periodic maintenance schedule planning.
  • Customization of the services as per the requirements of the customer.
  • Insulation from Price Escalation for the period of AMC.
  • Our contract also includes continual training and support to customers’ staff either whilst our engineers are onsite or via telephone.
  • Updates on latest developments and enhancements with offering to improve efficiencies and automation of turbine and auxiliaries.

Troubleshooting and Health Check-ups

We stand by creating value and delight for our customers by incorporating technology and services as our key differentiator to deliver growth.


Triveni Turbine Limited offers quick support from highly skilled engineers to troubleshoot and analyze the root cause of problems, minimizing downtime. With over 6000 global installations and OEM expertise, we guarantee maximum machine availability and 24/7 support over the entire lifecycle of the customers’ assets.

Regular Health Check-up

Gain valuable uptime through our regular Health Check-ups visits which ensures many years of peace of mind from emergency breakdowns. Health Check-up visits by our highly skilled engineers help identify problems proactively and support in planning preventive maintenance to upkeep turbine efficiency and reliability.

Balance of Plant Solutions

Be Aware Of the Condition of the Key BOP Systems

Efficient operations require proactive maintenance for auxiliary, control, and monitoring systems. Triveni Turbines provides spare parts, upgrades, and installation-specific packages for all Triveni Turbines delivered auxiliary equipment in power plants and marine installations. The plant’s heat rate is improved and downtime is reduced with our solutions.

Triveni Turbines Parts Sales, and Service teams can help obtain more knowledge about ineffective BOP systems and failing plant assets so customers can take action before they impact their business.

Turnkey Solutions

In our endeavour to provide the best-in-class customer support, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for the complete maintenance of TG Island. As an OEM with strong manufacturing capabilities and 6000+ installations globally, we have an undisputed advantage of complete backup of OEM design and engineering support to our frontline engineers to attain maximum reliability of the customers’ plant. With turnkey solutions, the customer will have a single point of contact for all their turbine service requirements.

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