Mr. Milind G. Mohile

Senior General Manager and Head of Strategy, Risk Management and Digitalization


Milind graduated from University of Mumbai with degree in Production Engineering, following which he earned his Masters in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. Additionally, Milind has completed Certification Program in Leadership & Management from Wharton and is a Certified Risk Management Professional (CRMP) from Risk Management Society.


Mr. Milind G. Mohile is Senior General Manager and Head of Strategy, Risk Management and Digitalization and has been with Triveni Turbine Limited for the last 5 years. He has played a pivotal role in effectively deploying strategic & enterprise risk management that has enabled Triveni Turbines to scale up business operations with careful evaluation of strategic choices and risks. For the past year, Milind has also ensured that digital transformation within the organization has been steered to enable the business growth. In his previous role, Milind was instrumental in strengthening Triveni Turbines’ customer satisfaction and quality management processes.

In his current role, Milind is responsible for establishing and implementing framework for Enterprise Risk Management for Triveni Turbines. As the head of Corporate Strategy, Milind is supporting Triveni Turbines’ business growth by evaluating and engaging in various organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

Career Journey:

Milind started his career with Siemens’ power transmission and distribution business. After accumulating working experience, he joined the Master’s program at Virginia Tech. Milind did summer internships for Infineon Technologies during his Masters and joined them full-time after completing his course work. Working in the U.S. semiconductor industry for 6+ years earned him valuable international working experience in a high-tech industry. After returning to India, Milind re-joined Siemens and worked for their various businesses for 9 years. Milind’s industry experience covers varied industries such as semiconductor, power generation, transmission, distribution and oil & gas. He has worked in operations, projects, strategy & risk management. Milind has also published academic papers in Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conferences and World Conference on Quality & Improvement.