A typical waste heat recovery system with a conventional steam circuit consists of the PH (Preheater) and AQC (Air Quenching Cooler) waste heat boilers, a generator house with the steam turbine and the generator. The waste heat from the PH boiler and AQC is used to run the steam turbine. We have the perfect selection of steam turbines, carefully designed to meet the requirements of the Cement Industry. We offer Injection, Extraction, Condensing and Backpressure steam turbines that support the cement industry and its related applications. For the cement industry depending on the AQC boiler configuration as shown in the figure, our team customises the steam turbine for single or double injection. For the steam injection configuration, we offer a robust control system that is specifically designed for the cement industry. We provide both impulse and reaction technology solutions for heat and power applications for the cement industry.

Cement Case Study

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