Barge Mounted

The ‘Powerships’, also known as Barge Mounted IPPs, are high-technology floating power plants designed and constructed to fulfil the urgent electricity needs of a region through rental contracts or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). These powerships delivered to the client countries is a complete power plant ready to operate immediately. They are primarily used to monetise the locally available Oil / Natural gas and are constructed with special technology that can operate on both liquid fuels (HFO/RFO) and natural gas with a dual fuel option.

They operate as combined cycle power plants, either deploying a Gas engine or a Diesel Engine, the exhaust gas is utilised to raise steam through an HRSG, and steam is utilised to power the steam turbine to generate electric power exported to the clients’ mainland. Generating electrical power offshore eliminates the need for permit applications for land-based power plants and expedites the immediate setup of the power plant to generate electricity. With high efficiency and availability, Powerships can provide uninterrupted electricity at various high-voltage levels. At Triveni Turbine Limited, we offer a system-integrated Steam Turbine Generator (STG) set for marine platforms.

Barge Mounted IPP Case Study

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