Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, Triveni Turbines has always been active when it comes to social responsibility. With inherent belief that our success lies in the welfare of the society, we pursue activities for its sustainable development.

We have embarked on various initiatives and activities such as educational, infrastructural, and health development. We believe that professional success is incomplete until we take efforts to give back to the society. With a desire to bring long-term well-being, we do our bit to promote and encourage the growth of our society.

The CSR Committee consists of the following Directors. Vice Chairman & MD is the Chairman of CSR Committee.

  • Mr. Nikhil Sawhney - Chairman
  • Ms. Homai A. Daruwalla
  • Mr. Tarun Sawhney
  • Mr. Arun Prabhakar Mote

The Committee is authorized to formulate and recommend to the board, a CSR policy indicating the activity or activities to be undertaken by the company as specified in Schedule VII of the Act; to recommend the amount to be spent on these activities; to monitor the Company's CSR policy periodically and institute a transparent monitoring mechanism or the implementation of CSR projects.

CSR Focus Areas

Keeping the corporate philosophy in mind, the following focus areas have been identified by the CSR Committee to meet the Company’s CSR objectives:

  • Healthcare

    • Triveni Turbines Preventive Health Programme (Triveni Turbines PHP) for Women
    • Protecting the Girl Child from Cervical Cancer
    • Protecting the Infant Child from Rotavirus Diarrhoea
    • New Born Screening Programme
  • Education & Women Empowerment

    • Support to Nursing School
    • Other Educational Initiatives
  • Environment Sustainability

    • Water tool Applications for Sustainable Solutions, Enhanced capacities, and Renewal (WASSER)
    • Skill Development Intervention for Industry towards Environmental Sustainability for Operating Renewable Energy Plants
  • Technology & Innovation

    • Support to IIT Bombay
    • Support to IISc.


For detailed information on the Company's CSR, please download our Annual Report

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