What Equipped us to Adapt

Led by our strong visionary outlook, our customer-centric approach, our innovation focus and our efficiencies-driven processes, we made significant investments during FY 21 in augmenting the levers of our transformation drive.

What Powered Our Adaptability?


Robust business

Supply chain efficiencies

Strong quality

Integrated value

These levers enabled us to achieve stronger forward and backward linkages, better supply chain efficiencies and improved quality.

Well-Structured Business Model

We have in place a robust business model pillared on:

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly

We took several concerted actions during the year to make our business model more flexible and agile:

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Strong customer insights

Our Business Development teams continue to engage deeply with customers to get insights into their transforming needs amid the new normal

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Innovation edge

Based on the customer insights, our R&D teams work relentlessly to pioneer new, ground-breaking products & solutions aligned to their needs

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Sales & marketing outreach

To ensure speedy & timely delivery of our innovative products and solutions, our Sales & Marketing teams are constantly expanding their customer outreach

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Engineering prowess

Our skilled Engineering teams leverage their expertise to push the bar of precision excellence across the value chain

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Sourcing quality

Quality of the raw material is ensured through stringent adherence to standards by suppliers, who are bound by our strict code of conduct

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Manufacturing excellence

Focus on quality is maintained across the manufacturing process to deliver diverse products in line with customer insights

What Equipped us to Adapt Seamlessly
Aftermarket presence

Lending strength to our business model is our powerful Aftermarket presence across applications, sectors & geographies

Seamless & Efficient Supply Chain

Our in-built efficiencies enabled us to effectively tackle all sourcing, logistics, installation and maintenance challenges. Even during the unprecedented pandemic challenges, we found innovative new ways of engaging with our stakeholders to replace the conventional systems of dialogue and discussion. Besides helping us to swiftly reorient our business strategy to their evolving needs, this helped us sustain our uncompromising focus on shared long-term growth.

Triveni has constantly focussed to improve the development of global supply chain teams by getting them involved in early stage of new technology and product development; leveraging world-class supply chain management processes, tools and systems across the function.

Operating a world-class supply chain organisation means having twin goals: increasing competitiveness and helping customers to succeed.

We control inventory by improving the allocation of “available to promise” inventory. We have clear visibility into inventory transactions that has positively impacted the entire process of ordering, storing and using inventory from raw materials to finished product.

Triveni partners with its suppliers by supporting them with capacity building, customised participatory workshops, sharing best practices, jointly implemented collaborative programmes, and transfer of knowledge and expertise. During 2020, we designed and implemented number of participatory workshops for suppliers covering health, safety and environment and legal requirements related to labour conditions and COVID-19 protocol.

Triveni Supply Chain Management (SCM) has developed logistics relationships worldwide to strengthen our network, so that our reliable logistics partners ensure that turbines and other ancillaries are safely delivered to customers across the globe in a timely and safe manner.

Triveni SCM undertakes evaluation and prequalification for new suppliers before sourcing from them. The qualification process evaluates the performance of potential suppliers on broad sustainability parameters such as health & safety, environment and working conditions, as well as process capability, quality, compliance and financial factors. For existing suppliers, we have a robust programme that focusses on suppliers with a higher risk and manages them according to the risk matrix.

We also undertake periodic vendor-wise spend analysis and establish adequate control processes with suppliers to ensure compliance standards, desired quality, good ratings and loyal trade relations.

On the Integrated Supply Chain side, many initiatives have been undertaken keeping in mind substantial long-term benefits. Considerable investments in capability building, automation, plant and machinery and to significantly improve in-house share of total output.

Focussed quality programme intended to raise product quality to the world-class levels moved ahead visibly within manufacturing and all vendors. A robust rollout was carried out for a ‘Responsible Sourcing’ programme to all vendors to upgrade their units from the “Standard” level to the “World-Class” level.