Responding to the

New Normal

As the new, more vulnerable post-COVID world gets ready to witness drastic changes in business strategies, we, at Triveni Turbines, have also embarked aggressively on a transformational journey to embrace the new ecosphere.

Leveraging our deep-rooted understanding of the industry, we have identified several innovative ways to strengthen our intrinsic capabilities and systems. It is a transformation that will enable us to engage even more deeply with our stakeholders, despite the acute constraints on travel and personal connect.

At the core of this odyssey of change lies an overarching digital transformation, rooted in systems of intelligence, and encompassing all the key facets of our business.

Digital Transformation


Cognisant of the importance of realigning our internal business systems with the changing macro environment, we have restructured our strategy towards a more safe, secure and smooth business experience.


From Basic to Enhanced Security

In the new ‘Work from Home’ normal:

  • We have pushed the frontiers of our digital capabilities to integrate a higher level of security in critical operations, such as design, engineering, product and aftermarket offerings.
  • We have scaled our interface to more enhanced data security protocols through launch of the highly encrypted Fortinet VPN (Client & Web VPN), in addition to Nexus Web VPN.

From Excellence to Empowerment

Multi-tasking and multi-skilling becoming the new imperative:

  • We have initiated special training programmes to quickly empower our engineering and other teams with multiple skills to address the new challenges.
  • In-house cross-product knowledge and cross-functional training is being provided across departments.


Augmenting our remote customer connect at every level:

  • We have taken a slew of initiatives to upgrade our digital marketing platform to facilitate faster & cost-effective social media and Internet connect for customers.
  • These include Webinars and social media to showcase the company, E&C and Service to resolve the issues at site. A number of advanced processes have been introduced to support the best business practices for troubleshooting assistance, technical discussions & finalisations of orders, interactive discussions, presentations etc.

Each of these measures is designed to facilitate greater customer comfort, taking our innovation, execution & delivery edge towards increased customer confidence.

The thrust, going forward, will remain on more digitalisation, more automation and more integration, as we move towards a more virtually connected business environment.