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Innovative Technology

We have created a powerful innovation edge that steers our growth trajectory to newer heights year after year. State-of-the-art design and testing facilities have empowered us with the capabilities to continuously enhance our product efficiencies. We are continually scaling up our design tools and software to deliver pioneering solutions to customers through cutting-edge designs. With our expert and dedicated team of design and development engineers leading the way, we are consistently coming out with more efficient and cost-effective products.

Close collaborations with various international design houses and universities, both in India and overseas, is further augmenting our innovation thrust, resulting in more order and inquiry conversions and bookings, across geographies.

Most Modern Test Bed Becomes Operational

Our new test bed, which became operational during the year, is the most modern test bed for a turbine facility globally. It is designed to bring down time and cost in our development cycle.

Order booking in New Segment

A prestigious new order for a Geothermal turbine refurbishment marks our foray into the Geothermal sector. At the same time, it underlines our design and development capabilities. This vital breakthrough promises good prospect for us in the markets of Australasia and Africa.

Supercritical CO2 Cycle Turbines

Led by close cooperation with technology institutes in India, we are making good progress in the development of supercritical CO2 cycle turbines, which will scale up our frontline technology prowess manifold in the coming years.

Advanced Drive Turbines for Oil & Gas

We have developed new turbines for the Oil & Gas segment, where we see significant potential ahead for our competitive but advanced drive turbines, in which we achieved more breakthroughs during FY 20. This is a significant tool for us to expand into the lucrative new category and segment, and we have already made headway in the Middle East and South Asian markets, where we are registered as a pre-qualified vendor for several leading O&G companies. We see huge potential in this segment in the coming years, given the frequent replacement of turbines required in the Oil & Gas segment.


From design technology to automation, and speed of doing business, we continue to scale new levels of excellence in innovation with our strong focus on R&D.

In our quest to develop technologically advanced products with optimum life cycle ownership cost, we are focussed on perpetually strengthening our R&D capabilities, with extensive in-house tests and field validation programmes to ensure the highest standards of quality and complete customer satisfaction.