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World’s second largest manufacturer of steam turbines (5 to 30 MW)

steam turbines installed globally


power generation capacity


countries of presence

Market leader

in Indian market for a decade

We provide robust industrial and renewable power solutions to a global clientele, across a wide expanse of diverse sectors. Our business proposition is centred on unmatched quality focus that translates into a dependable product and service portfolio.

Custom-made. Customer-centric.


Our product portfolio comprises a large range of back-pressure and condensing steam turbines that are easily customised to suit sector-specific and customer-specific needs. Equipped with a choice of Impulse and Reaction technology, these turbines can work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications.

Up to 30 MW

Condensing Steam Turbines

  • Straight Condensing Type
  • Extraction Condensing Type
  • Bleed Condensing Type
  • Injection Condensing Type
  • Double Extraction Condensing

Back Pressure Steam Turbines

  • Straight Back Pressure Type
  • Extraction Back Pressure Type
  • Bleed Back Pressure Type

We also provide Condensing and Back Pressure steam turbines in the above 30 MW to 100 MW range through GE Triveni Ltd - our majority stake Joint Venture with GE.

Our SPARES, SERVICES and REFURBISHMENT offerings complete our solutions proposition, and give us a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market landscape, where we are currently catering to more than 20 sectors/industries.

With industry-best practices leading the way, our products meet the most stringent international quality standards, as endorsed by the various certifications awarded to us.


Our Innovation-Execution-Service proposition is continuously powering our strengths, thus augmenting our Expertise, Efficiencies and Experience, year-on-year.