Challenging the Now

Rooted in innovation, our products and solutions are designed to challenge the present-day complexities of businesses across various industries, with the objective of helping them build on their foundations for future growth.

High on innovation

Our strength in innovation, which has emerged as a powerful growth driver for our business, is manifest in our regular product developments and technological interventions in the market. Our strategy is centred on introducing 5-7 new variants into the market every year, building more efficiencies and customised features into each of them. With exclusive designs developed in association with our partners, which include world-renowned design houses and academia, we remain ahead of the competitive curve. Our agile organisational structure, coupled with our deep understanding of the latest market trends and customer needs, has facilitated the formulation of a shorter development cycle – a key differentiator from the competition and key value proposition for our customers.

Our R&D function is crafted to drive innovation across our business segments, encompassing the full range of our solutions.

R&D prowess

Manned by domain experts from steam turbine technology, fluid dynamics, metallurgy and structural designs, besides other related fields, our state-of-the-art Research and Development (R&D) Centre has emerged as a powerful hub for our growing portfolio of innovative products, technology and solutions.

Our R&D teams are closely aligned with our production, marketing and service teams, who provide essential inputs and feedback to the department on a regular basis.

We remain focussed on maximising product output and performance, while lowering life cycle costs, to deliver total customer satisfaction.

We have in place a cohesive innovation framework that seeks to deliver best-in-class products and services to our customers globally, thereby helping boost their ROI.

Embracing Next Level Technology

Embracing next-level technology

Our aggressive onward march in the areas of design and self-validation has enabled us to make substantial gains in the technical and technology fields in recent period. A series of new models and blades designed by our teams have found validation from the best organisations globally. These validations are propelling our growth in terms of order bookings, in the existing and new sectors, while helping further scale our research programme. It has given us a strong technological edge, backed by a growing marketing reach, to support our pursuit of product sales and aftermarket sales globally.

Our innovation framework

The power of our 'Challenging the Now' proposition is translating into increased market share of Triveni Turbines. As per an International Power sector report for Small Units (5 - 30 MWe), most of which are in the Thermal Renewables category, in terms of units sold, Triveni Turbines was at the top in 2018, with 26% global market share. Similarly, in terms of Units sold in the Thermal Renewables Segment also, Triveni ranked second globally with a market share of 21%.

How We are Challenging


Intellectual Property filings globally

(as of March 31, 2019)

And there’s more…

At Triveni, such high level of customisation and expertise extends across all industries of our presence. We have built turbines for variable speed applications, double casing designs for high pressure applications, and robust control systems with quick response characteristics. Our multilevel balance piston helps in thrust load reduction, while our remote monitoring and diagnostics facilitate health monitoring and predictive maintenance. We also have customised turbines for marine & defence.

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