Building the NEXT

The journey from innovation to delivering the final product or solution to the customer spans many facets of operational and quality excellence at Triveni Turbines. Continuous enhancement of our core capabilities leads our efforts to build the next-generation turbines, as we strive to strengthen our customers in the segments of their presence.

At the same time, our design & development edge, extensive in-house testing and field validation programmes, high-end manufacturing processes and strong quality credentials help us in our goal to build the Next, not just for ourselves but also for each of our customers.

Partnering next-level growth

We have in place a robust value chain, with extensive partnerships from the procurement to the delivery, to power next-level growth for Triveni and its customers. Proven modular building blocks are extensively tested for product life cycle performance, while customer Capex and Opex optimisation enables extensive operability benefits, making Triveni a leading partner for companies worldwide. Our Innovation & Learning Centre provides the best of training to our employees and customers using the latest equipment and technological knowhow to ensure they remain ahead of competition.

Leveraging infrastructure to scale customer interface

Our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture of robust and reliable steam turbines, including critical components, assembly, testing and refurbishing services. Our innovation-led strategic agenda is driven by our manufacturing facilities, which have the latest design tools and software.

We have a highly qualified and experienced workforce that works closely with customers to gauge their specific requirements and realise the full potential of our manufacturing prowess. All our products are benchmarked to global standards of quality, backed by streamlined processes and systems to ensure zero defects, so that customers get the maximum uptime for their plant operations.

Foraying into next-gen industries

Underlined by our agility and driven by our quality focus, we are continuously striving to expand the horizons of our business into new, emerging sectors of growth, within and outside India. In our quest to identify and tap the new opportunities in such sectors, we are continuously upgrading our capabilities across the business value chain.

We are working closely with world-renowned design houses and academia to develop advanced flow path technology and cost competitive models, with much reduced carbon footprint for our diverse global customers. We have also engaged aero domain experts as part of our design team to help support our expansion into these new fields that promise to open up new possibilities as we entrench ourselves even more firmly on course to build a dynamically-empowered organisation, designed for the next level of growth.

Looking Ahead
Looking ahead

It is our constant endeavour to evolve our learnings to the level where we can challenge the complexities of new segments/ industries to pave the way for a better and bigger tomorrow.

Aligning ourselves to the realisation to this objective, we have also structured our R&D focus on futuristic energy technologies which we see opening new vistas of opportunity for our business in the near future.

Our innovation in the area of advanced aero design bladepath will help maximise efficiency and reliability of our products in this segment.

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