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Innovation is embedded in the Company’s DNA which gives it the ability to look beyond tomorrow to address the future needs of its global customers.

The Company’s Design & Development Program is focused on product innovation and technology innovation for developing solutions across its product and service portfolio. TTL has been supported by an organisational structure that is agile to respond to rapidly emerging trends. The Company has been at the forefront of delivering competitive solutions to its customers by maximizing product output and performance and lowering life cycle costs thus achieving total customer satisfaction.

From innovating new models and variants of products, to pioneering break through technological innovations, the Company’s state-of-the-art R&D Centre is manned with domain experts in steam turbine technology, fluid dynamics, metallurgy and structural designs as well as in other related fields.

Creating intellectual property beyond tomorrow

Cognizant of the importance of safeguarding its technological know-how, the Company has in place a well-planned Intellectual Property Rights strategy that enables it to secure its future interests. In line with this strategy, the Company files patent applications and design registrations every year in India as well as in other major international geographies. The Company’s portfolio of IPR is building up with a total of 201 IPRs filed till March 2017 across large number of geographies. TTL has been awarded National IP Award for Top Organisation for Design in 2016.