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Dear Shareholders,

Only a definitive strategy, considering expected level of technological changes required to meet competition and future requirements across all relevant industries while concurrently addressing their current requirements, can drive today’s enterprises to the next level of growth. Our business approach is structured to this futuristic philosophy, which gives us the technological edge to stay ahead in the competitive global market space.

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Q&A with

Vice chairman & MD

Nikhil Sawhney

The order book for FY 19 is quite well diversified, covering a broad spectrum of operations across all the major end-user segments.



steam turbines installed



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Challenging The Now

Building The Next

At Triveni Turbines, we believe that the contours of tomorrow are shaped by our ability to overcome the challenges of today.

Continuously sharpening our innovation edge, persistently scaling the quality of our products, unwaveringly focussing on harnessing future opportunities, we remain committed to building the next level of the enterprise. An enterprise that can envision solutions that are aligned to the evolving needs of customers, not just for today but for the future as well.

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