Triveni Turbines


Why Us

Triveni's After Market Services provides a complete range of high quality and optimal steam turbine service solutions to global standards, catering to the PCG, SCG, Captive Powergen and Utility. The endeavor at Triveni has been to respond within 24 hours, with 85% of customer concerns being resolved within 48 hours.

The workforce includes specialists in steam turbines and related electrical systems having strong domain knowledge on Functional and Basic Design, Testing and Plant commissioning. They have innate ability to understand various turbine systems, thermal cycle and related electrical and instrumentation issues. Our experienced team of service engineers is quicker to embrace new technologies to keep pace with increasingly complex and dynamic requirements at site.

The average experience of our service is over 10 years and we support the senior team by inducting new personnel. This ensures knowledge sharing and learning is continuous.

In line with the newer technologies that are continuously introduced by Triveni, we ensure that our engineers undergo adequate training in the technical domain and the soft skills development for all round development. This ensures our philosophy of resolving issues within 48 hours is always the focus. We have in our portfolio a very powerful AMC program that is normally for a period of 3 years. This gives the comfort and confidence to the customer of an extended period under the Triveni umbrella and scheduling service engineer visits and planning the shut downs without effecting the performance of the TG Island.

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