Troubleshooting and Repair of Steam Turbines/Rotors/Blades/Compressors

Troubleshooting and Repair of Steam
Turbines / Rotors / Blades / Compressors

With a manufacturing capacity of 200 Turbines per Year and installations in over 75 countries, our Service Engineers are at the forefront when it comes to Troubleshooting. Our motto of responding within 24 hours of a customer's call makes us one of the most reliable and dependable Rotating Equipment Service partners. With our state of the art manufacturing facilities having a wide range of 4 & 5 axis CNC machines for manufacturing Rotor and Blades, we ensure any repair/trouble shooting which involves manufacturing of the equipment takes priority.


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  • 6000 + Steam Turbine
    Units Installed
  • 20 + Industries
  • 75 + Countries
  • 16000 + MW+ Global
    Installed Capacity
  • Market
    Leader in India

Efficiency Enhancement Solutions

  • Upto 15% improvement in efficiency
  • ROI under 2 years resulting in increasing profitability of operations
  • Life extension of turbine by over 100,000 hours
  • Increase in span between 2 overhauls


  • Leading OEM of Steam Turbines globally
  • Manufacturing capacity of 350 Turbines/year
  • About 6000 installations in over 75 countries
  • 16GWe of insalled power
  • AS9100D Aerospace standard certification
  • Gold standard in refurgishing

Case Study

  • Extraction Condensing
    Turbine to Back Pressure Download
  • Efficiency improvement
    of a 12MW turbine Download
  • Restoration of TurbineDownload
  • Steam Path Redesign:
    Achieving Higher Efficiency Download
  • Extraction Condensing
    Turbine to Back Pressure Download

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