Testing & Validation

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Testing & Validation

To ensure the functionality, safety and reliability of the steam turbo-generator, our R&D team uses high-tech testing facilities for validation of design.

The components and the steam turbine are tested for the validation of design using our in-house testing facilities like:

  • Blade Frequency Test Bed
  • Over-speed Vacuum Tunnel Balancing Machine
  • Campbell Analysis of Blades
  • Strain Gauging
  • Mechanical Steam Run Test
  • Hydraulic Simulation Facility
  • LP turbine module steam test
  • All major components like Rotor, Casing , Blades will undergo advanced NDT tests
  • Rotor full speed balancing and over speed test as per API
  • Blade bench frequency tests
  • Blade running Campbell frequency mapping by NSMS
  • Turbine control system testing
  • Casing Hydro test for leak tightness and strain gauge test
  • Advanced material testing for – Fatigue life , creep and Fracture toughness

Our R&D team works with the prime focus on customers. From the product development phase that begins with understanding of what the customer needs to delivering a robust, efficient and safe steam turbine.