• Sugar
  • The bagasse available after crushing of sugarcane is fired in boilers.

    This steam is fed to the turbine for generation of power and the extractions taken from the turbine are used in various processes of sugar manufacturing.

    The Co-generation plants offer the advantage of generating the required power for operating the plant during the peak season. During off-season, the generated power is exported to the grid.

    Triveni has been closely associated with the sugar industry for many years. Backing the need of sugar Industry, Triveni offers Back-Pressure steam turbines that have high flow rates and backpressure conditions.These turbines have the round-the clock capacity of generating power and steam.

    Installation of Triveni’s steam turbine in the first Co-generation plant marks a noteworthy milestone to us.


  • Sugar Plant in Belize
    Case Study

    Sugar Plant in Belize, Central America

    1. Supply of 2 Straight Backpressure Turbogenerators
    2. Boiler parameters are 42 Bar(g) and 400 Deg C
    3. Triveni Turbines’ make use of superior design technologies to generate maximum efficiencies and improve reliability under tough grid conditions
    4. Units are in operation since 2015
    5. The same turbine can operate at dual inlet pressures - 42 bara and 21 bara (old boiler) without having to change rotor and blade path arrangement
    6. The blade and nozzle material is ASME standard which ensure longer blade life as well as increased OPEX benefits
    7. Exhaust steam is sent to the sugar process house and excess power to the national grid
  • Bagasse based Co-generation in Vietnam
    Case Study

    Bagasse based Co-generation in Vietnam

    1. Back pressure Turbine Inlet steam @ 65 Bar(a) 500⁰C with 2.5 Bar(a) Exhaust
    2. Steam Admission through 4 inlet Throttle Valve and a Unique patent design for 360oArc of Admission
    3. Hydraulically operated Automatic Stop and Emergency Valve powered with 24 kg/cm2 oil system
    4. Single Cast exterior casing with Guide blade carriers for faster start ups and reaction stages offer better efficiency.
    5. Steam Path designed to handle, very large volumetric steam flow. 12 stage Rotor with Reaction Blading providing higher efficiency
    6. Taper and Twisted blades with entire blading provided with integral shroud. Hydrodynamic tilting pad Thrust and Journal bearings
    7. Stable rotor dynamics with very low level of vibrations of max 0.4 mils. against specified limit of 1 which is within API 611 limits
    8. Better Acoustics: 82 dB max. (spec.85-90 dB). Caulking pin type sealing. Base frame with Integral Oil system
  • Sugar Co-generation Plant in Thailand
    Case Study

    Sugar Co-generation Plant in Thailand

    1. Single customer had both Extraction Back pressure Turbine as well as Extraction Condensing Turbine at same facility
    2. Inlet steam @ 65 Bar(a) 500⁰C with 2.5 Bar(a) Exhaust
    3. Turbines are used for providing process steam to run the Sugar process as well as produce electricity to sell to the grid.
    4. The Extraction condensing turbine is run during non milling season to export power to the grid, thus providing flexibility during milling and non milling seasons
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