• Steel
  • The steel industry is characterized by high load variations, affecting the stability of the grid. For Steel and Metallurgical Industry, it is extremely critical to have a constant and reliable source of power. Power has been one of the major cost ingredients for the Steel and metallurgical Industry. Hence, the availability of captive power becomes crucially significant from the production perspective.

    Triveni's contribution to captive power generation has benefited the steel industry to maintain a healthy bottom line. Steam Turbines installed by Triveni has enabled the Steel industry to operate efficiently.

    With flexibility in operation, proven designs and high availability, our turbines can generate maximum power with minimal wastage.


  • World’s Largest Producer
    Case Study

    World’s Largest Producer of Metal in Seoul, South Korea

    1. It is the world’s no.1 producer of Zinc with production of 1.14 million tons of Zinc an year
    2. The requirement was to operate turbine in both, superheated (45 bar, 450 Deg C, 100 TPH) and saturation steam (40 bar, 250 Deg C, 100 TPH) case which have inlet from 3 different sources.
    1. The delivery time for the turbine was 7.5 Months FOB basis
    2. The last stage blades are designed to withstand the wet steam and provisions made to remove the water by providing water pockets in last stages for saturation case operation
    3. Triveni Turbines’ high efficiency impulse - reaction steam turbines will increase complete plant efficiency
Efficiency Enhancement
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