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Over four decades of experience in the design / manufacturing / maintenance of turbines across various industry segments, helps us in understanding your operational requirements. The operational data received from over 2,500 turbine installations across various industry segments is constantly evaluated by our cross functional team of engineers from R&D, service, and manufacturing to improve the operational reliability/operational efficiency. Our efforts to constantly improve the operational reliability of turbines ensure that you as a customer, always get a spare part irrespective of the age of the turbine and improved operational reliability.

Genuine, quality spares from OEM enhances the operational reliability of the turbine as they are manufactured to stringent quality standards. The quality/inspection procedures applicable for spare parts are the same as that of the turbine manufacturing process. Constant improvements in design and manufacturing are adopted in our spare parts processing, thereby enhancing its reliability.

We operate on a simple philosophy of predictive maintenance. All turbines have been mapped by age of turbine since commissioning and this defines the spares that need replacement. This advance information assists customer in carrying out proactive scheduled maintenance of the turbine leading to lower downtime by breakdowns.

Being an OEM, we have the unique advantage of being able to supply critical spare parts at short notice to meet your emergency spares requirements. As we understand the criticality of your operations, we divert parts from turbine manufacturing to minimize the downtime. Based on our thorough understanding of your operations, we also offer custom-built up gradation/improvement packages.

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