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Aging turbines get a new lease of life through Triveni's refurbishing service. The comprehensive portfolio of refurbishing services includes:

  • Efficiency restoration or improvement
  • Renovation & Modernization (R&M) service
  • Re-engineering
  • Health survey and condition assessment
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Overhauling
  • AMCs for all makes of steam turbines

 -->Triveni's dedicated refurbishing department has the capability to service any kind of steam turbines, up to 100 MWe, regardless of their make. The refurbishing process includes a thorough inspection and detailed condition assessment. Metallurgical testing is often employed on components that exhibit material fatigue or have been operated near to or beyond OEM recommendations. Our inspection fixtures and repair methods have been thoughtfully engineered to suit a wide consumer base. Our high-tech manufacturing facility enables us to develop and manufacture intricate tooling with ease. Triveni's knowledge base, systematic problem solving techniques, and a well-trained team of experienced service engineers, ensures a quick response to your needs.We bring to the table an OEM expertise with the backing of a 100 personnel R&D team that is well equipped to handle all design requirement along with a world class manufacturing facility that enables quick turn around with a value for the money. By our experience working with customers across the globe, we have been able to provide a substantial saving in terms of actual cash outflow and quicker start up due to shorter turnaround of breakdown jobs.Triveni's refurbishing services ensure lower operating costs, improved reliability, and a cost-effective alternative to OEM. The company's dedicated refurbishing department has the capability to service any kind of steam turbine, up to 100 MWe.

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