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  • Palm Oil
  • The palm oil industry is one of the leading industries in the South East Asia region. Indonesia is the leading producer and exporter of palm oil. India is one of the key players in importing and manufacturing palm oil. Triveni has produced a significant impact on India's palm oil industry in a short span of 2 years.

    Triveni offers the perfect selection of steam turbines, carefully designed to meet the requirements of each oil mill. The steam turbines also vary in size to comply with individual operating parameters. With a total installed base of over 130 steam turbines and more than 60 multi stage steam turbine units installed, Triveni has an established customer base in countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Latin America of its reliable and robust Steam Turbine solutions offering multiple benefits.


  • 1.2 MWe Back Pressure Single Stage Turbine in Indonesia
    Case Study

    1.2 MWe Back Pressure Single Stage Turbine in Indonesia

    1. Mill Capacity : 50 TPH
    2. Power required by the mill : 1000kW
    3. Boiler Parameters : 30 Bar/Saturated
    4. Boiler Capacity : 35 TPH
    5. Single Stage Capacity : 1200kW
    1. Fluctuating process and power demand
    1. Multi-functional hand valve to meet process demand and operate turbine with higher efficiency
    Customer Benefits
    1. Un-interrupted steam and power supply
  • 8 MWe Extraction Condensing
    Case Study

    8 MWe Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine in Medan, Indonesia

    1. Inlet Steam : 38 Bar
    2. Inlet Temperature : 400 Deg C
    1. Space constraint for future expansion as there was an existing 45TPH Boiler and TG unit
    2. Combined Heat and Power Solution for 3 different refineries and factories adjacent to the unit
    1. Modified the standard frame of the turbine to meet the existing site conditions
    2. Hybrid optimised efficient extraction condensing turbine offered with customised design
    3. Modern control and operating system
    Customer Benefits
    1. Existing units replaced with highly efficient extraction condensing steam turbine to meet power and heat requirement of other units
  • 5 MWe Extraction Condensing
    Case Study

    5 MWe Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine in Surat Thani, Thailand

    1. Inlet Steam : 30 Bar
    2. Inlet Temperature : 350 Deg C
    1. Process steam required at 4.2 Bara ( 3.2 B arg ) and variable flow from 12TPH to 18TPH during plant operation
    2. Power export to the grid
    1. Extraction Condensing TG set for variable process flow and maximum power export to the grid
    2. Water cooled condenser ,Gear box – Double helical,Single reduction,Generator
    3. PLC base Control System
    Customer Benefits
    1. Cost effective and Reliable solution
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