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  • Triveni has a complete range of Steam Turbines to offer that meets every challenging requirement of the industry.

    These steam turbines are manufactured in accordance with API specifications ranging from up to 100MW in Backpressure and Condensing modes suitable for applications in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Fertilizer Industries.

    Triveni's API compliant steam turbines are designed for installation in harsh weather conditions and perform under any load condition.


  • Leading Oil & Gas Company in India
    Case Study

    Leading Oil & Gas Company in India

    1. Steam Turbines inlet steam 41.35 bara, 370 Deg C as per API 612 commissioned during 2009 Gear boxes as per API 613
    2. Lube oil system as per API 614
    3. Air Cooled Oil Cooler as per API 661
    4. PLC - Alan Bradley (Failsafe) with redundancy and SIL-3 rating
    5. Machine Monitoring System (MMS) Bently Nevada model 3500 series with System 1 Analysis system
    6. 12 MW AC Generator, IP 54 enclosure, Class F Insulation, Air cooled CACA, 50 Deg C Ambient
  • Oil Refinery in Middle East
    Case Study

    Oil Refinery in Middle East

    1. Steam Turbines,designed,manufactured & tested as per API 612 6th edition + Shell DEP + AMEC FW Project Variations
    2. 4 X 1.5MWe & 4 X 2.7MWe Steam Turbines drive 4 No’s each combustion air blower and flue gas fans for the World’s largest reformer package
    3. Project executed with approved deviations to complete project specifications
    4. Turbines designed for outdoor installation with MDMT suitable for -3 Deg C
    5. Steam turbine constructed in full compliance with Shell DEP / AMEC PV requirements for Human factor engineering
    6. Steam turbines constructed for long service life of 30 years and 6 years of uninterrupted operation
    7. Electrical hazard area zone 1,II C,T3
    8. Steam Turbines, Gear units, Lube Oil units, Unit Control Panels and Gland Steam Condensers in Triveni’s scope of supply
  • Oil Refinery in India
    Case Study

    Oil Refinery in India

    1. Steam Turbine inlet steam 41.35 bara,370 Deg C as per API 612 commissioned during 2008-2009 and 2014
    2. Gear Boxes as per API 613,Lube Oil System as per API 614
    3. Air cooled oil cooler as per API 661
    4. PLC with redundancy and SIL – 3 rating
    5. Machine Monitoring System ( MMS ) Bentley Nevada model 350C series with system 1 analysis system
    6. 12MW AC Generator,IP 54 Enclosure,Class F Insulation,Air cooled CACA,50 Deg C Ambient
    7. Mustang Engineering and subsidiary of John Wood Group carried out front-end engineering design verification,detail engineering,procurement and construction management services for the project in Western India.
    8. The facility includes water treatment and injection,gas production,power generation,fluid gathering and treatment and crude oil export.
    9. The project’s flow assurance work is provided by Multiphase Solutions Inc. another Wood Group Company
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