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  • After paper mills, chemical plants are the most common users of steam turbines. Triveni has a wide selection of standard and engineered steam turbines and turbine generator sets. Triveni's steam turbine generator sets are capable of meeting the demands of today's applications. Our steam turbines provide sustained high efficiency, reliability, and easy maintenance. With more than 500MW of steam turbines installed in the chemical industry, there has been a significant reduction in the input costs of steam and electrical energy.


  • A leading multi-national
    Case Study

    A leading multi-national company in Haldia, West Bengal, India

    1. Pressure Reducing Station was used to reduce the low pressure saturated steam from 3.5 barg to 0.5 barg to maintain the header pressure at 3.5 barg. The maximum quantity of steam being reduced was 23 TPH.
    2. Space limitation for turbine installation at the existing site ( Turbine size is larger due to high volumetric flow rate )
    3. The Turbo Generator set location was 500 meter away from the existing main control room.
    Customer Benefit
    1. Over 4 Million units of “Green Power” is generated annually.
    2. ROI achieved in less than 1.5 years of operation
    1. Triveni team visited the facility and recced the space identified for turbine installation.
    2. Replaced the Pressure Reducing Station with a 500 kW Back Pressure Turbine Generator set.
    3. The turbine governor is programmed to operate in inlet steam pressure control mode to maintain the header steam pressure.
    4. As the inlet steam is a saturated steam, a steam separator has been installed at the inlet steam line to prevent carryover of wet steam into the turbine thereby increasing the life of turbine.
    5. Offered turbine with remote start/stop facility along with pneumatic operated valves at inlet,exhaust and drain lines.Triveni optimized the turbine design to meet both the customer budget and space availability.
Efficiency Enhancement
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