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Biomass IPPBiomass is biological material from living, or recently living organisms, most often referring to plants or plant-derived materials like wood chips, Rice Husk, Agricultural residue etc. Biomass derived energy holds the promise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a significant contributor to global warming. The energy conversion can be either through Direct incineration or Gasification.

In the incineration route the Biomass is burnt to raise steam and power is generated deploying simple Rankine cycle.

Today, about 70% of biomass power is co-generated with process heat. Triveni plays a vital role by supplying Steam turbines in this industry powering biomass-based Independent Power Plants (IPPs) that generate over 550 MW of green energy.

A trusted name with EPC contractors, consultants, and customers, we have our units in India, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Assisting the biomass industry in all phases, from production to after-sales, we do it all.

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