Biomass IPP

  • Biomass IPP
  • Biomass refers to the organic material like wood chips, rice husk, agricultural residue, etc. that is used for production of energy. Biomass-derived energy holds the promise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a significant contributor to global warming. The energy conversion can be either through Direct incineration or Gasification.

    In the incineration route, the Biomass is burnt to raise steam and power is generated deploying a simple Rankine cycle.

    Today, about 70% of biomass power is co-generated with process heat. Triveni plays a vital role by supplying Steam turbines in this industry powering biomass-based Independent Power Plants (IPPs) that generate over 1200MW of green energy.

    A trusted name with EPC contractors, consultants, and customers, we have our units in India, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Assisting the biomass industry in all phases, from production to after-sales, we do it all.


  • Biomass based IPP in UK
    Case Study

    Biomass based IPP in UK

    1. Steam Turbine Generator Commissioned November 2013
    2. The Proposition: 40,000 MT/year waste wood, destined for landfill, is now converted into heat and electricity
    3. Primary process: Gasification of Wood waste to “Syngas” through Pyrolysis is combusted, producing 20 TPH steam
    4. Value Add: STG solution generating @ 26,000 MWh/year of “Green electricity” enough to power 6200 homes
    5. Green energy Incentive: Qualifies for 2 Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) per MWh - Energy Bill, UK- 2008
  • Biomass Power Plants in Philippines
    Case Study

    Rice Husk / Napier Grass based Biomass Power Plants in Philippines

    1. Bleed Condensing turbine Inlet steam @ 64 Bar(a) 480⁰C with 1 bleeds at 3.7 Bar(a) to the de aerator
    2. Steam Admission through 3 inlet Throttle Valve
    3. Hydraulically operated Automatic Stop and Emergency Valve powered with 24 kg/cm2 oil system
    4. Unique top exhaust turbine – A unique option whereby Customer save on building a 2 floor power house
    5. Just one floor of power house is sufficient and condenser is placed next to turbine. A cross over pipe to connect the exhaust / outlet of the turbine to the condenser as can be seen in the picture , is included in the supply
    6. Condenser is a Air Cooled Condenser ( ACC ) to save water usage as water is in short supply and quality of water is not also good
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