Aerospace & Defence

Leveraging over 4 decades of experience in rotating equipment market to enter the field of Aerospace and Defence

A new state-of-the-art, Greenfield facility has been established at Sompura, Bangalore, apart from the existing one at Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore. These facilities will house the Aerospace and Defence component manufacturing along with Industrial Turbines.

Manufacturing of critical components like Moving and Fixed blades for the Turbines & Engines.
Fabrication, machining of small & large turbine and structural parts.
Castings - Main Gear Box, Bearing, Input Housing, Housing Tail Power Take off Covers, Stub Shafts.
Air Intake Casing, Intermediate Casing, Rear Box Casing, 1st Stage FT NGV, Power Turbine Shield, Free Turbine casing.
LP Compressor Disc, Disc & Rotor LP Turbine among others.

For further detailed information, please download our Catalogue.

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